In a remarkable series of events during Paris Saint-Germain'

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In a remarkable series of events during Paris Saint-Germain'

Postprzez LeonelEr » So lip 13, 2019 18:31

In a remarkable series of events during Paris Saint-Germain's 1-0 win over Nantes on Sunday evening, referee Tony Chapron kicked defender Diego Carlos.
It was obvious that the defender appeared to accidentally trip him up in injury time, but Kjøp Napoli Fotballdrakt Chapron proceeded to show Carlos a second yellow card for 'dissent' and everyone at home challenged the decision.
Of course, that incident alone stole the headlines and now the referee involved has tried to explain his actions.
After the game, Nantes president Waldemar Kita has called for the referee to be banned for six months after he kicked Carlos while he tried to get on his feet.
Hours later the referee was suspended until further notice.
So according Kjøp Monaco Fotballdrakt to Chapron himself, he felt a sharp pain in an area where he'd suffered a recent injury. 'In a terrible reflex' he stretched out his leg to the player.
As you can imagine, his response caused plenty of reaction:
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